Completed Projects

high care production side of gantry

  • Production gantry, goods lifter, drains, sinks, bollards and barriers.
  • 10mtr x 7 mtr Stainless Steel Gantry with resin floor full perimeter drains with removable grids terminating with 2 off down pipe front and rear.
  • Handrail with our pipe work management system to hold hot, cold water pipes, steam pipework and electrical pipe work. Central steps with handrails. Manufactured, designed and installed and supplied with a Certificate of Conformity for the weight loading.
  • Goods lift 2 mtr sq x 4.5 mtr height manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel to carry 2 tons.
  • Interlock double doors ground floor and double doors to the opposite side on the gantry.
  • Fully guarded and load tested with Certificate of Conformity.
  • Designed, manufactured and installed.
  • 25 mtrs off 304 grade Stainless Steel drains 250 mm wide and heavy duty removable grids as well as 6 off gully pots for various areas.
  • 6 off hand wash stations, sensor operated, soap dispensers and stainless steel hand dryers.
  • Handrails, barriers and bollards.
  • 2 off Belfast sinks with spray arms.
  • Various bespoke items of stainless steel fabrications.

intergrated drains & drain covers with stainless steel coving

Stainless Steel Staircase completed project

goods lifert under construction

System Proposal

  1. For individual cucumbers to be manually placed into the flights of the cutter in feed conveyor, approximately central.
  2. The cucumbers to be conveyed through the centralising mechanism which will consist of a segmented plough section, on each side, which will plough the cucumber over from which side it comes into contact with first, it will continue ploughing until it is sensed to have come into contact with the opposite side deeming it central, upon which that and the remaining upstream segments will retract allowing the cucumber to continue being conveyed central to the belt. After passing each segment they will return to the default position, ready to accept and centralise the following cucumber.
  3. After centralisation the cucumbers will be halved by a rotary cutting blade.
  4. After cutting the cucumbers will be manipulated onto angle belts, cut end face up and pass under a second cutter, this cutter will be set to trim to the maximum length the wrapping machine can accept.
  5. After the second cut the cucumbers will exit the cutting machine onto the wrapper feed conveyor system  all in the same orientation, cut face trailing.
  6. After exiting the cutting machine the cucumbers will be conveyed and presented to wrapper feeders, the conveyor system will facilitate the following:-
    • Be able to feed either or wrapper, upon either pre selection or demand should both wrappers be running at the same time
    • Accumulation of product prior to feeding
  7. The cucumber will be delivered from the conveyor into the wrapper feed system, where the cucumbers will be delivered from the side of the wrapper into the flights by means of a servo driven, continuous feed system that will be fully synchronized with the wrapper, subject to required signals from the wrapper being available.