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Wire Mesh Baskets

Wire Mesh Fabrication

J&K Stainless solutions Ltd. supply a wide a varied range of wire mesh fabrication, from either stainless steel, mild steel BZP & galvanized finished products.

Supplying products into the following industries:

Food Manufactures

Pet food Manufactures

Component parts manufactures

Pharmaceutical & Laboratories.

Autoclave trolleys & trays.

As well as wire trays we provide a comprehensive range of trolleys for either roasting, smoking and drying, dollies and stands as well as bespoke manufactured products to the customers own specification.

Our products include:

Wire Mesh FabricationFood Grade Stainless Steel Baskets

Wire mesh trays for fish smoking, roasting, thawing, drying.

Wire mesh baskets stackable with lockable lids options, soap pot cooling trays. Fine mesh filter baskets and storage units

Bespoke products manufactured to the customers own specification.


Trays for Pet Food Manufactures

Stainless steel wire trays all sizes and styles catered for as well as trolleys.

Pet Food Trolleys


compontet traysComponent Baskets

Stainless steel component stackable basket & mild steel stackable baskets also available lockable removable lids, All sizes and styles can be supplied.


Pharmaceutical Steel Baskets.

J&KSS ltd have a wide range of stainless-steel baskets and trays, suitable for laboratories and the phamaceutical industry,  in either 304 or 316 grade stainless steel mesh. Trays can be manufactured to the customers own specifications.

Lockable units for storage and parts washing.

Pharmaceutical Steel Baskets

JKSS also produce  specialist wire mesh fabrication products that includes simple wire forms, framed mesh panels, wire trays and mesh.

Our wirework capabilities allow us to only show a small sample of what we can do here. If you cannot see what you are looking for or need advice just contact us or give us a call on 07825 444403, we’re here to help werever we can.


JKSS – A Stainless Steel Supplier Near Me

Here at JKSS we always want to stay ahead of the curve but can hear you saying “what do you mean a stainless steel supplier near me?” Read on:

Over the past few months the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has changed so much of our society to almost make it unrecognisable.

A Stainless Steel Supplier Near Me

JKSS On Facebook

Some things, however, have remained the same – namely the Internet!

Recent studies have even shown that UK adults are spending over 4hrs a day online, this means that many businesses are moving online to accomodate for this increase in traffic.

JKSS have always maintained a good online presence through our website but as you are no doubt aware there’s more to online business than just a good website!… Social Media is increaseingly becoming a way for businesses to directly interact with their customer base and when it comes to businesses like ours with tools like Facebook it’s like having a stainelss steel supplier on your doorstep – a stainless steel supplier near me!

JKSS new Facebook page contains information about all our latest products, the people that use them, special offers and even the more novel ways that our products can be used in everyday life.

Compartment Lockers

Metal Lockers for Safety and Security

The modern workplace can be a daunting place these days. Having a secure place for employees to store valuables means there’s one less thing to worry about! Stainless steel workplace lockers or any type of metal locker cabinet represent a sound investment and can provide much needed peace of mind, especially in high stress work environments.

Stainless steel lockers 8Of course if your business requires metal lockers for customers, changing room lockers for instance, then this is an essential element of your business. Having a good variety of changing room equipment and ensuring that it meets your specification will pay dividends.

Whatever you need to provide storage lockers for your staff or customers, JKSS Sheffield can help and advise you. We have a comprehensive range available including: Mesh Compartment Lockers, Mild Steel Lockers, Stainless Steel Lockers and Stainless Steel Multi-Tier/Dispensing Lockers which means safeguarding clothes, mobile phones, laptops and other belongings has never been easier.

Stainless steel lockers 7The JKSS metal lockers are not only competitively priced, but are the result of extensive R&D to ensure quality and security. They are ideal for sports clubs, schools, staff changing rooms, and anywhere you need secure protection for clothes and valuables.

Alongside metal lockers JKSS in Sheffield can supply all of your changing room needs including products for low risk changing areas and high risk changing areas. Our products range from:

Whatever your Stainless Steel requirements JKSS Sheffield will be happy to discuss them with you are you can be sure of a professional service and competitive pricing. Just call us on 07825 444403 / 01909 547 200 or email sales@jkssltd.co.uk

Bespoke Commercial Sinks

Why Should I Use A Commercial Catering Sink?

It can sometimes be all too easy when setting up your commercial catering business to look at the bottom line when choosing equipment. We all know the benefits for using commercial equipment in theory but when it comes to sinks does the benefit really outweigh the cost?

Our experts have looked into the 4 biggest factors to consider when choosing a new catering sink below:

JKSS Commercial Catering Sinks UK

Over Size Bowl Single Drainer Sink

  1. The Size

This may seem obvious but it’s often overlooked, especially with the influx of “American Style” equipment and appliances that dwarf their traditional domestic counterparts.

However professional kitchens handle a large and continuous amount of customers, ordering a variety of food and drinks meaning that the sheer volume of washable items dwarfs even the highest volume domestic sink..

  1. Professional Quality

All kitchen items will need replacing eventually. If you are looking at something that is in constant use, day-in-day-out, all year, the quality has to be up to the job. Unfortunately most domestic sinks just aren’t!!! Taps, seals, plugs etc. need to be manufactured to the highest standards from the most hard wearing materials such as the 304, 316, 409, and 439 grades of stainless steel that JKSS use in our commercial catering equipment..This attention to detail will maintain longevity in a busy commercial environment.

  1. Will It Fit My Kitchen
    Extra Large Catering Sinks

    Extra Large Catering Sink

Another obvious but often overlooked aspect is down to efficient usage of space. Do you need a double sink? Will it need one or two draining areas? How tall does it need to be? Our range of commercial catering sinks come in a number of shapes and sizes and can be viewed on our website but if you have any particular requirements then just contact us as sometimes only a bespoke solution will do! Inefficient use of your space in a domestic kitchen can be a little annoying, if you’re in a commercial kitchen 8+hrs a day with staff tripping over each other it can be downright dangerous!

  1. Don’t Focus On Price

Everyone wants to look at the bottom line when building a business but don’t get hooked on this as the old adage “buy cheap – buy twice” is even more relevant in commercial environments! Keeping cash in your wallet can sometimes be about looking past the price tag to see the benefits. For instance focusing on what materials, how ergonomic or even what your competitors are using will pay dividends in the long term. Our ranges of commercial catering equipment take all these factors into account while maintaining cost effectiveness. Please feel free to peruse our website and if you can’t see what you need then feel free to contact us or give us a call on 07825 444403 as we’d be happy to help.

Bar Mans Outside Table

Stainless Steel Production Equipment to Prevent Food Poisoning

We all know that having clean surfaces is essential in food production environments but why choose stainless steel production equipment over, say, plastic??stainless steel gastronome trolleys

There are many areas to consider as it is not simply the contact surfaces, but also different parts, from bearings to drive elements that should be manufactured utilizing excessive grade stainless steel meaning any concerns pertaining to inside corrosion or contamination can be laid to rest. And you can be assured of complete sanitation.
Although there are several metals available, the food industry utilises Stainless Steel for the construction of almost all food processing and storage equipment. Various grades of stainless steel such as 304, 316, 409, and 439 are used for manufacturing, bulk storage, transportation, preparation, and presentation applications.

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