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Why Should I Use A Commercial Catering Sink?

It can sometimes be all too easy when setting up your commercial catering business to look at the bottom line when choosing equipment. We all know the benefits for using commercial equipment in theory but when it comes to sinks does the benefit really outweigh the cost?

Our experts have looked into the 4 biggest factors to consider when choosing a new catering sink below:

JKSS Commercial Catering Sinks UK

Over Size Bowl Single Drainer Sink

  1. The Size

This may seem obvious but it’s often overlooked, especially with the influx of “American Style” equipment and appliances that dwarf their traditional domestic counterparts.

However professional kitchens handle a large and continuous amount of customers, ordering a variety of food and drinks meaning that the sheer volume of washable items dwarfs even the highest volume domestic sink..

  1. Professional Quality

All kitchen items will need replacing eventually. If you are looking at something that is in constant use, day-in-day-out, all year, the quality has to be up to the job. Unfortunately most domestic sinks just aren’t!!! Taps, seals, plugs etc. need to be manufactured to the highest standards from the most hard wearing materials such as the 304, 316, 409, and 439 grades of stainless steel that JKSS use in our commercial catering equipment..This attention to detail will maintain longevity in a busy commercial environment.

  1. Will It Fit My Kitchen
    Extra Large Catering Sinks

    Extra Large Catering Sink

Another obvious but often overlooked aspect is down to efficient usage of space. Do you need a double sink? Will it need one or two draining areas? How tall does it need to be? Our range of commercial catering sinks come in a number of shapes and sizes and can be viewed on our website but if you have any particular requirements then just contact us as sometimes only a bespoke solution will do! Inefficient use of your space in a domestic kitchen can be a little annoying, if you’re in a commercial kitchen 8+hrs a day with staff tripping over each other it can be downright dangerous!

  1. Don’t Focus On Price

Everyone wants to look at the bottom line when building a business but don’t get hooked on this as the old adage “buy cheap – buy twice” is even more relevant in commercial environments! Keeping cash in your wallet can sometimes be about looking past the price tag to see the benefits. For instance focusing on what materials, how ergonomic or even what your competitors are using will pay dividends in the long term. Our ranges of commercial catering equipment take all these factors into account while maintaining cost effectiveness. Please feel free to peruse our website and if you can’t see what you need then feel free to contact us or give us a call on 07825 444403 as we’d be happy to help.

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Stainless Steel Production Equipment to Prevent Food Poisoning

We all know that having clean surfaces is essential in food production environments but why choose stainless steel production equipment over, say, plastic??stainless steel gastronome trolleys

There are many areas to consider as it is not simply the contact surfaces, but also different parts, from bearings to drive elements that should be manufactured utilizing excessive grade stainless steel meaning any concerns pertaining to inside corrosion or contamination can be laid to rest. And you can be assured of complete sanitation.
Although there are several metals available, the food industry utilises Stainless Steel for the construction of almost all food processing and storage equipment. Various grades of stainless steel such as 304, 316, 409, and 439 are used for manufacturing, bulk storage, transportation, preparation, and presentation applications.

Why Stainless Steel?

High strength, easy of welding and forming alongside excellent heat resistant properties are some among the several advantages of stainless steel. It also prevents contamination and maintains freshness of food items while allowing for easy cleaning, thus preventing any growth of dirt, grime, or bacteria. Stainless steel is also suitable for handling food items containing spicy ingredients and strong colouring agents as it is neutral to food items; hence the smell, taste and colour of the item handled remain unchanged. It provides chemical and bacteriological neutrality with regard to food products.

Mobile Barbecue TablesIncluding these benefits stainless steel can also withstand denting, nicking, and scratching even in aggressive operating conditions, it can withstand shock and abrasion and is durable so provides resistance to corrosion and aging.  Stainless steel can withstand heavy wash-downs using chemicals or other detergents, possess excellent cryogenic properties, is fire resistant  and does not crack, break or pit easily. Finally it can blend perfectly with other fixtures and finishes.

Stainless Steel Applications

These food grade metals are extensively used in the fabrication of:

While plastics and wood also have their uses in many of these applications the versatility and ease of use of stainless steel means that you will get far more longevity from your stainless steel production equipment and will help to ensure a bacteria free environment for years to come.