The modern workplace can be a daunting place these days. Having a secure place for employees to store valuables means there’s one less thing to worry about! Stainless steel workplace lockers or any type of metal locker cabinet represent a sound investment and can provide much needed peace of mind, especially in high stress work environments.

Stainless steel lockers 8Of course if your business requires metal lockers for customers, changing room lockers for instance, then this is an essential element of your business. Having a good variety of changing room equipment and ensuring that it meets your specification will pay dividends.

Whatever you need to provide storage lockers for your staff or customers, JKSS Sheffield can help and advise you. We have a comprehensive range available including: Mesh Compartment Lockers, Mild Steel Lockers, Stainless Steel Lockers and Stainless Steel Multi-Tier/Dispensing Lockers which means safeguarding clothes, mobile phones, laptops and other belongings has never been easier.

Stainless steel lockers 7The JKSS metal lockers are not only competitively priced, but are the result of extensive R&D to ensure quality and security. They are ideal for sports clubs, schools, staff changing rooms, and anywhere you need secure protection for clothes and valuables.

Alongside metal lockers JKSS in Sheffield can supply all of your changing room needs including products for low risk changing areas and high risk changing areas. Our products range from:

Whatever your Stainless Steel requirements JKSS Sheffield will be happy to discuss them with you are you can be sure of a professional service and competitive pricing. Just call us on 07825 444403 / 01909 547 200 or email