900 Series Range of Utensil Washers

JEROS-Utensil Washers have a specially designed lid which opens fully to allow easy operation and loading without causing back strain to operators. The special JEROS features provide easy installation of the machines, even in the smallest production areas. Further, the machine can be used as a sink when not in use as an automatic Utensil Washer.
The flush hose makes it possible to reuse the wash water e.g. for cleaning the floors. The flush hose can also be mounted on the mixer tap if required.
Mixer Tap
Built-in mixer tap allows washer to be used as a sink with separate drainage.
Fulfils the highest hygiene standards, even the most persistent dirt is removed! The fully automatically detergent dispenser ensures the optimum dosage of soap. The powerful pumps and rotating wash arms provide a brilliant wash result. The end rinse pump guarantees a constant temperature of 85°C during the entire rinse period and sanitisation of the utensils is achieved. An additional advantage of the high temperature rinse is the fast drying of utensils by evaporation; a rinse aid can be automatically added to assist with this process.
The New Generation
The 9100 Series comprises a total of five new models: 9110 / 9115 with rotating wash systems and 9117 / 9120 / 9130 with wash frame system.
Inside, the machines have been thoroughly redesigned, focusing on hygiene and easy cleaning. The inside surfaces are rounded to ensure quick and automatic flow of water back to the filter and pumps. Filters, wash arms and wash frames come in electro polished surface finishes leaving the stainless surface completely smooth to prevent dirt from sticking to surfaces of the machine, this makes it easier to clean and maintain the machine. Efficiency and optimum hygiene safety, including HACCP, form the base of the JEROS set of values.
Energy saving up to 25 %
All the machines are now available with “I-version” as standard. This means that all machines have water saving rinse nozzles and that both the wash and rinse tanks are isolated, as also the lid is with double wall and isolated. The machines therefore require less operating power, resulting in energy and water savings of up 25 % for all the models.
It is also possible now to set the machines to “auto off”, as required, so that they do not have to be left unnecessarily in standby mode if they are not used for prolonged periods of time, etc.
Eco Wash
As standard all models includes an environmentally friendly “ECO wash” programmer for less dirty objects. Pushing “ECO wash”, the machines wash with a reduced wash temperature and use less soap. Still the rinse with 85° C hot water for guarantee of hygienic result.
New Double Micro-Filter
Unique double filtration system, with a progressive micro-fine filter, provides an efficient filtration of the wash water – thus entails a perfect washing result with less soap consumption and minimal water consumption. Larger particles are collected in a coarse filter, where as smaller particles are captured in the self-cleaning micro-fine filter. During the washing/rinse process, the collected particles are drained out of the micro-fine filter from the bottom, just as well from the surface of water, this ensure a constant optimum wash water quality.

Code               Wash Area Dim                Machine Dim
9110                690w x 590h x 635d        2100 x 1631h x 840w x 855d
9115                810w x 590h x 635d         2100 x 1631h x 960w x 855d
9117                830w x 645h x 635d         2100 x 1631h x 1085w x 755d
9120               1010w x 645h x 635d        2100 x 1631h x 1280w x 755d
9130               1290w x 645h x 735d        2100 x 1631h x 1555w x 950d

Please note the 9117 / 9120 / 9130 has the traversing washing and rinsing frame work giving a unique 360° wash and final rinse.
All units come with pre-set wash programme of 2min, 4mins, 6mins these can be set to other times if required. The final 85° rinse is set at 20 seconds, extra deep bowl sink unit with Spray Arm and Faucet.