Box Dollies

Stainless steel square box section dollies. Use anywhere that basket transport is a necessity. Can be adapted with heat resistant casters to be used in ovens.

Standard sizes available
600 x 400
762 x 457

  • Our new stainless-steel square box section dollies
  • Fully welded for a more hygienic construction
  • Crevice free
  • Flat bar retainers ends, fully welded
  • Single bolt fastening per caster
  • Ideal for meat plants, bakeries, processing plants, delivery vehicles, anywhere basket transport is a necessity
  • Can be adapted with heat resistance caster to be used in ovens, carrying wire trays of products.
  • Freezer operations can be fitted with casters that will go down to -40c
  • Casters to suit all applications

For more options please call to discuss.