Lifting and Tipping Units

Our Fixed Bin Tipper is a single pillar 200 Litre tote bin tipper that is designed to lift and tip at a discharge height of up to 2500mm. The Fixed Bin Tipper is constructed from Grade 304 stainless steel, is fully TIG welded throughout and will operate on a ‘dead man’s handle’ principle. Lifting with the Fixed Bin Tipper is achieved by a ¾” Simplex chain driven by a motor gearbox mounted at the top of the main column. The Fixed Bin Tipper is designed to be bolted to the floor. The unguarded machine is fitted with our safety latch which engages automatically in the extremely unlikely event of a lift chain failure.

These units are ideally suited for the Food, Pharmaceutical Industries in conjunction with our range of Euro bins.

Variations across the range

>Fully enclosed / partially enclosed
>Standard and custom designed machines
>Each unit comes with full validation certificate of conformity

After Sales service available.

Options Available - See Images above:

Hydraulic tipper for either 120,200,300 litre tote bin

Single-sided mobile cadged unit to lift and tip rectangular plastic bins

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