Stainless Steel Mirrors

J&K Stainless Solutions manufacture a wide range of 304 grade stainless steel highly polished mirrors. Varies sizes available.

These anti-vandal mirrors are manufactured from high-grade 304 (18/8) stainless steel that will not rust or discolour. Stainless steel is virtually unbreakable and hygienic. The mirrors are polished to an ultra-bright finish to maximise reflection clarity.

• Complies with all known local and national Health and Safety Legislation
• Lightweight with a superb reflection
• Rounded corners and smooth polished edges
• Very competitively priced

Stainless steel mirrors are used where hygiene and/or high abuse is likely. Typical environments include food factories, prisons, public buildings, hospitals, schools etc. These mirrors are suitable for fixing to any flat surface.


300 x 300

450 x 450

600 x 1800