Two Ways – Compact Shoe and Wellington Automatic Washer

Automatically detects the passage of the user at each end of the machine via infra-red sensor

  • Designed for continuous passage, the unit can be installed in a location making its use mandatory
  • This device combines two modes, 2 different circuits allow cleaning of boots and shoes separately
  • Cleaning boots and soles by the combined action of 4 side brushes for the body of the boots and 2 brushes for the soles
  • Dismantling without the need of tool for easy cleaning of the brushes and housing
  • Supplied with a venturi metering system for accurate dosing of the detergent
  • Jets spray detergent automatically on to the boots

Rotating Brush Boot Washer diagram


  • Maximum temperature: 50° C
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Bead blasted surface finish
  • 4 angled brushes for the body of the boot
  • 2 horizontal brushes for the sole of the boots or shoes
  • Adjustable dosing venturi: 0.2 to 9.3%
  • Foot print dimensions: 2,190 x 1,235 mm
  • Perforated waste basket
  • Water supply
  • Recommended pressure: 3 bars
  • Maximum temperature: 50° C