Here at JKSS we always want to stay ahead of the curve but can hear you saying “what do you mean a stainless steel supplier near me?” Read on:

Over the past few months the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has changed so much of our society to almost make it unrecognisable.

A Stainless Steel Supplier Near Me

JKSS On Facebook

Some things, however, have remained the same – namely the Internet!

Recent studies have even shown that UK adults are spending over 4hrs a day online, this means that many businesses are moving online to accomodate for this increase in traffic.

JKSS have always maintained a good online presence through our website but as you are no doubt aware there’s more to online business than just a good website!… Social Media is increaseingly becoming a way for businesses to directly interact with their customer base and when it comes to businesses like ours with tools like Facebook it’s like having a stainelss steel supplier on your doorstep – a stainless steel supplier near me!

JKSS new Facebook page contains information about all our latest products, the people that use them, special offers and even the more novel ways that our products can be used in everyday life.