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    What is Aluminium Fabrication

    At JKSS LTD, we are dedicated to delivering aluminium fabrications specifically designed for the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries. Whatever your fabrication needs, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Our team offers a complete service from design to manufacturing, backed by our expertise in CAD drawing. Feel free to reach out to us for further details.

    Discover Our Aluminium Fabrication Expertise

    Aluminium fabrication in the food and pharmaceutical sectors involves the creation and customisation of various equipment, structures, and components made from aluminium. This highly regulated and sensitive industry demands materials with exceptional properties, such as corrosion resistance, lightweight nature, and ease of cleaning and maintenance. We, at JKSS, pride ourselves on providing an extensive range of standard and bespoke aluminium fabrications. Examples of our offerings include aluminium under frame tables, poly top aluminium underframe tables, aluminium trays in flat, peeled, and multiple-sided configurations, aluminium trolleys for various applications, aluminium pallets, and bespoke aluminium fabrications. Whatever your vision, we have the expertise to bring it to life.

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