Heavy Industrial Washers

Both these machines have been designed to meet the need of more heavier duty environment, washing bins, hoppers, still giving the same quality of wash with our unique traversing wash and rinse head giving a 360° wash and rinse. The 8160 comes with an automatic roller curtain design so that the unit can be set on top of gantry’s close to the weigh head machine, ideal for washing the weigh heads and accessories. Both units can be fitted with an air blowing system which is connected to the wash frame, please call for more details.

Model 8150
Wash area dimensions 1340w x 870h x 800d
Machine overall dimensions 2600 x 1931h x 1700w x 1025d

Model 8160
Washing area dimensions 1340w x 870h x 1000d
Machine overall dimensions 1961h x 1590w x 1115d